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Cold Weather Gross Motor Activities

While I am sure everyone is ready for winter to be over there are some fun activities that you can do outside!   Winter doesn’t last all year, and it’s a great opportunity to introduce some new activities!

  • Build a snowman:  This can be a fun activity to get the whole family involved in.   Having your child move the snow around is a great heavy work activity and builds strength.  
  • Walking through the snow:  Have your child walk through fresh snow, or follow in your footsteps.
  • Pulling your child on a sled:  If your child is little, pulling them on a sled is a great opportunity for your child to build core strength.  As you pull them through uneven snow, their core will have to work for them to stay on. If your child is older you can have them pull a younger sibling.
  • Target practice:  Make snowballs and have your child practice hitting a target outside.


Stay Warm!

~ Jamie Fugowski, DPT

Turning Everyday Games into Movement Activities

There are many board games that you can adapt at home to incorporate movement and exercise.  This will not only give you a few different ways to play one game but also get your entire family moving together! Here are some suggestions:

  • Jenga:  There are two ways that this can be turned into a movement activity.
    • Use colored Jenga blocks and assign each color an exercise on a piece of paper.  The person who pulls the block will do the corresponding exercise.
      • Example: Red = jumping jacks, Green = squats
    • Use regular Jenga blocks and write different movement activities on some of the blocks
      • Ideas: make 10 arm circles, stand on one leg for 5 seconds
  • Uno:  While playing Uno assign an exercise to each color.  If you have to take a card from the pile do the exercise that corresponds to the first card you draw.
  • Monopoly:  Assign exercises to each color group of properties.  Before you buy a property you have to do the exercise to finalize the deal!
  • Candy Land: Assign an exercise to each color card.  When you draw that card you need to perform the exercise before moving forward on the game board.
  • Any Memory Matching Game:  Write different exercises/movement activities on index cards. Play the memory game the regular way, by matching pairs of the same picture card.  When you make a match pull an index card and perform the exercise in order to keep the set of cards.


~ Jamie Fugowski, DPT

Disclaimer:  This website is not a place for therapeutic recommendations or interventions.  The ideas presented here are informational and intended to be used only for play with close adult supervision and should not be used for diagnostic or training purposes.  If you are concerned about you or a family member starting an exercise program please see your medical provider. Also,  if you purchase any of the toys mentioned it is at your own discretion.  I do not assume liability or responsibility for your satisfaction with the product or damages or injuries that result from the use of the product.

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