Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education
Rockaway Meadow School
Mr. H


Dear Students and Parents, 

I am excited to begin my journey with you at Rockaway Meadow School. The priority of our PE program is to build physical literacy among our children. Physical literacy has been defined by Mandigo, Francis, Lodewyk & Lopez, 2012 as “the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments that benefit the healthy development of the whole person.” 

I believe that developing physical literacy is a shared responsibility between school and home. Quality physical education is a time during the school day where a child can gain foundational knowledge about healthy behaviors and develop the motor skills needed for physical activity. The end result is to inspire and empower children to be physically active on their own time over a lifetime. 

In order to conduct a quality Physical Education program, students must be aware of and follow the rules of the gymnasium. 

Mr. H’s Gymnasium Rules for Success

  1. Safety First
    In order to have a safe experience students should wear comfortable clothing and athletic sneakers that support the ankle. (running sneakers)

  2. Golden Rule Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    As individuals, students will develop skills at different speeds. Our class is about taking learning risks and challenging our personal best each day.

  3. Try your Best
    Students are encouraged to embrace skills that may be challenging to them. In order to improve on any skill, maximum effort should be given.

Communication and Curriculum

Students will be participating in a wide variety of activities ranging from fitness concepts to movement concepts to skill based activities. Please check this page for updates as the curriculum unfolds throughout the year.  You can also follow @physedRMS on Twitter to see the action first hand.

What will students be learning during trimester #2?

All grade levels begin their class with a two-minute jog around our track. The two-minute jog is followed by agility movements. Movements range from basic locomotor patterns to more mature movements that incorporate active stretching. 

Warm ups are followed by a mini lesson, which typically target new skills and fitness concepts. Students are guided through each new concept/skill and then given time for independent practice. Independent practice is a time when students get to explore and become more comfortable with newly acquired skills. It also allows me to work closely with individuals and small groups of students who need more guidance in a given area. 

During trimester #2
Grades K-2 will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to hand dribble a ball in self space using one or two hands while traveling. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to shoot a ball towards a goal (basketball hoop) from different distances and heights.
  • Demonstrate the ability to bounce pass a ball to a target. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to strike objects of various sizes using hands as well as long handled instruments (hockey sticks, paddles, soft baseball bats)
    Sustain moderate to vigorous physical activity that develops all components of fitness.

During trimester #2
Grades 3-5 will

  • Apply mechanically correct hand dribbling, passing and shooting skills in isolated settings as well as modified game settings. 
  • Demonstrate how to shoot a ball toward an appropriate height goal (basketball hoop) from different distances.
  • Apply bounce and chest passing skills to a partner in isolated settings and modified game settings. 
  • Apply strategies for offensive and defensive concepts in different settings.
  • Sustain moderate to vigorous physical activity that develops all components of fitness.


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